Hi all,
  Well, it has taken a lot longer than I thought to get these card games the 
way I wanted them, but I think you'll be very pleased with the results.
  I've been working on an advanced version of online Texas hold em and online 
hearts so we can play our friends over the internet, and for anyone that is 
into strategic game play, you are in for a treat.
  We've been testing these games extensively the past few months, running 
hundreds of hands to get it just right, and finally they are ready for prime 
  I will be releasing both games Monday June 1, and everyone can play for free 
for the month of June. After that, it will cost just $3.95 a month for a 
subscription.  I'm also finishing up code for 5 card draw, and hope to have 
that included sometime in late June.
  For you Texas hold em fans, you are gonna love this, I've made it possible 
for you to create your own table with your own rules. If you want to make a pot 
limit table with a max $10000 buy in, no problem.  Want a no limit table with a 
max of $1,000,000, bring it on.
  Also, you can create private tables and invite only the people you want to 
play if you like. These games will only show to those invited, so no worries 
about folks getting mad they weren't invited.
  Another way cool feature and my favorite way to play hold em are the sit and 
go tables, which are basically like mini tournaments, where each player buys in 
for whatever amount you set, and the top three finishers split the pot 20, 30 
and 50 percent. This is the format the World Series of poker uses, and we've 
played most of our hold em games this way, and everyone is loving it.
  With an interface created to make getting the information you need as easy as 
possible, you'll find playing hold em a fun and intuitive experience.
  Hearts is equally fun, with an interface designed to make navigating your 
cards as easy and natural as possible.
  You can also create your own tables for hearts, with whatever max score you 
want, as well as set up the advanced version which includes a ten point 
subtraction for catching the jack of diamonds.
  I have also created a tournament system that will allow frequent online 
tournament play for some cool prizes.
  The web site keeps track of each players money for hold em and hearts points 
for hearts, which you earn by beating other players, and I will be giving 
players online trophies for hitting the million dollar mark, as well as winning 
  Right now, both games work with either Sapi, jaws or window eyes, and I hope 
to integrate support for other screenreaders in time. Basically, the games have 
gotten really good due to user feedback, and I plan on continuing to hone the 
experience with suggestions from players.
  I will be giving a demonstration and taking questions tomorrow Saturday May 
30 on the voice chat site for the people at 7:30 eastern in the presentation 
  Feel free to hit me with any questions you might have, and if you reply on 
list to this message, please delete my text here, as this is a rather long 
message and your reply might get rejected for being too big if you don't clear 
it first.
 Hope to see you at the presentation tomorrow.
  Later all,
  Blind Adrenaline Simulations
Games by one of us, for all of us
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