Hi all,
  There's been some good natured smack talk on the Blind Adrenaline Texas sit 
and go tables about men versus women and who has the most skill playing hold em.
  So we're gonna settle it with a big tournament.
  Here is how its gonna go down:
 First, we're gonna have two seperate tournaments, one for boys, one for girls.
  The top five finishers in each tournament will go on to match up against each 
  After the top 5 of each gender are determined, we'll have a best 2 out of 3 
sag games with the 5 best women versus the 5 best men. Whichever gender wins 2 
sag games first, those 5 players in that gender get 25k added to their accounts.
  Make sense?
  If you aren't familiar with the tournametn system, be absolutely sure to read 
the instructions on the tournament page, or you'll be lost.
  We're gonna have pretty quick deadlines for each round on this one, so if you 
can't play a game every 24 hours or so, might not want to sign up for this one.
  Gonna be a lot of fun, and remember this is just some good natured boys 
versus girls competition, so don't take it too seriously with the smack talk, 
or Tresa will make me sleep on the couch.
 Here is the link to the main tournament login page, be sure and register an 
account if you haven't already, and remember after you register the account, 
you will then need to sign up for your tournament. Keep in mind, only women 
join the womens tournament and vice versa. The womens tournament is called 
Gender wars Girls only, mens side is called gender wars boys only.

  and once again, please , please, read the instructions if you aren't familiar 
with the system, link to instructions at top of tournament page.
  Check the Blind Adrenaline card room news page for updates as we go along, as 
well as the tournament message area.
  If you haven't signed up to play cards with us yet, you don't know what yer 
missing, we're having a ball. To get signed up to play for free until July, go 
  If you reply to this messsage, please delete what i have written first, as 
this is a long message and your reply might not go through due to size 
  Thanks, and good luck.
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