Hello listers,
If I may have your attention for a minute there are a couple of miner list issues we, the moderators, would like to discuss with the list. These are just reminders of a couple list rules/guide lines that often get overlooked by list members. First, when posting a message to the list you should send the post directly to the Audyssey list and not carbon copy or blind carbon copy the message to the list or between multiple lists. This results in an "implicit destination" error by mailman, and is generally frowned upon by list moderators the world round. So we ask that all members please stop this bad practice. Future posts of this nature will be rejected until the practice stops. If you need to send a message to multiple lists please copy the contents of the post into a new e-mail and send it separately to each list or person you desire to send it to. Please, don't bcc or cc the messages to the Audyssey list. Second, we have reminded the list many many times to please trim posts. There is a 10 KB size limit per message except for special cases such as the AudysseyMagazine, news letters, or other important posts that can not be limited to a 10 KB size limitation. All other general posts must be no more than 10 KB in size. Please, remember that not everyone who is on this list has a high speed connection, that many have to pay for the amount of time they are on the internet, and may have to pay for the bandwidth they use. That is why we have limited the posts to 10 KB per message. To trim a message reply to the post you wish to respond to, write your response, scroll down to the bottom of the previous post, and delete everything below that point. that way all the message contains is your post and the contents of the post you are responding to. This is not very difficult, and doesn't take much time to do once you get into the habit.

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