Around the World in a Cessna 182

4 columns. Flight number, Route info, Departure ICAO code, Destination ICAO 
code. You could use the Cessna 172SP also, in FS9. ENJOY

Flight Number--Route Info----Departure ICAO--Destination ICAO 

1--Salt Lake City, Utah -- to Tucson, Arizona --KSLC--KTUS 
2--Tucson, Arizona -- to La Paz, Mexico --KTUS--MMLP 
3--La Paz, Mexico -- to Guadalajara, Mexico --MMLP--MMGL 
4--Guadalajara, Mexico -- to Acapulco, Mexico --MMGL--MMAA 
5--Acapulco, Mexico -- to Guatemala City, Guatemala --MMAA--MGGT 
6--Guatemala City, Guatemala -- to Managua, Nicaragua --MGGT--MNMG 
7--Managua, Nicaragua -- to Panama City, Panama --MNMG--MPTO 
8--Panama City, Panama -- to Cali, Colombia --MPTO--SKCL 
9--Cali, Colombia -- to Guayaquil, Ecuador --SKCL--SEGU 
10--Guayaquil, Ecuador -- to Trujillo, Peru --SEGU--SPRU 
11--Trujillo, Peru -- to Lima, Peru --SPRU--SPLP 
12--Lima, Peru -- to Arequipa, Peru --SPLP--SPQU 
13--Arequipa, Peru -- to Antofagasta, Chile --SPQU--SCFA 
14--Antofagasta, Chile -- to Santiago, Chile --SCFA--SCEL 
15--Santiago, Chile -- to Valdivia, Chile --SCEL--SCVD 
16--Valdivia, Chile -- to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina --SCVD--SAVC 
17--Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina -- to Punta Arenas, Chile --SAVC--SCCI 
18--Punta Arenas, Chile -- to Rio Grande, Argentina --SCCI--SAWE 
19--Rio Grande, Argentina -- to Base Marambio --SAWE--SAWB 
20--Base Marambio --, Antarctica to Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica --SAWB--SCRM 
21--Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica -- Stanley, Falkland Islands --SCRM--SFAL 
22--Stanley, Falkland Islands -- to Trelew, Argentina --SFAL--SAVT 
23--Trelew, Argentina -- to Buenos Aires, Argentina --SAVT--SAEZ 
24--Buenos Aires, Argentina -- to Montevideo, Uruguay --SAEZ--SUMU 
25--Montevideo, Uruguay -- to Porto Alegre, Brazil --SUMU--SBPA 
26--Porto Alegre, Brazil -- to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil --SBPA--SBGL 
27--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- to Brasilia, Brazil --SBGL--SBBR 
28--Brasilia, Brazil -- to Alta Floresta, Brazil --SBBR--SBAT 
29--Alta Floresta, Brazil -- to Manaus, Brazil --SBAT--SBEG 
30--Manaus, Brazil -- Macapa, Brazil --SBEG--SBMQ 
31--Macapa, Brazil -- to Paramaribo, Suriname --SBMQ--SMZO 
32--Paramaribo, Suriname -- to Georgetown, Guyana --SMZO--SYCJ 
33--Georgetown, Guyana -- to Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela --SYCJ--SVCB 
34--Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela -- to Caracas, Venezuela --SVCB--SVMP 
35--Caracas, Venezuela -- to Barranquilla, Colombia --SVMP--SKBQ 
36--Barranquilla, Colombia -- to San Jose, Costa Rica --SKBQ--MROC 
37--San Jose, Costa Rica -- to San Pedro Sula, Honduras --MROC--MHLM 
38--San Pedro Sula, Honduras -- to Merida, Mexico --MHLM--MMMD 
39--Merida, Mexico -- to New Orleans, Louisiana --MMMD--KMSY 
40--New Orleans, Louisiana -- to Knoxville, Tennessee --KMSY--KTYS 
41--Knoxville, Tennessee -- to Toronto, Ontario --KTYS--CYYZ 
42--Toronto, Ontario -- to Montreal, Quebec --CYYZ--CYUL 
43--Montreal, Quebec -- to Halifax, Nova Scotia --CYUL--CYHZ 
44--Halifax, Nova Scotia -- to St. Johns, Newfoundland --CYHZ--CYYT 
45--St. Johns, Newfoundland -- to Cartwright, Newfoundland --CYYT--CYCA 
46--Cartwright, Newfoundland -- to Nain, Newfoundland --CYCA--CYDP 
47--Nain, Newfoundland -- to Iqualuit, Nunavut --CYDP--CYFB 
48--Iqualuit, Nunavut -- to Maniitsoq, Greenland --CYFB--BGMQ 
49--Maniitsoq, Greenland -- to Kulusuk, Greenland --BGMQ--BGKK 
50--Kulusuk, Greenland -- to Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland --BGKK--BGCO 
51--Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland -- to Longyear, Norway --BGCO--ENSB 
52--Longyear, Norway -- to Tromso, Norway --ENSB--ENTC 
53--Tromso, Norway -- to Trondheim, Norway --ENTC--ENVA 
54--Trondheim, Norway -- to Oslo, Norway --ENVA--ENGM 
55--Oslo, Norway -- to Inverness, Scotland --ENGM--EGPE 
56--Inverness, Scotland -- to London, UK --EGPE--EGKK 
57--London, UK -- to Le Mans, France --EGKK--LFRM 
58--Le Mans, France -- to Madrid, Spain --LFRM--LEMD 
59--Madrid, Spain -- to Casablanca, Morocco --LEMD--GMMC 
60--Casablanca, Morocco -- to Agadir, Morocco --GMMC--GMAD 
61--Agadir, Morocco -- to La Palma, Canary Islands --GMAD--GCLA 
62--La Palma, Canary Islands -- to Nouachott, Mauritania --GCLA--GQNN 
63--Nouachott, Mauritania -- to Dakar, Senegal --GQNN--GOOY 
64--Dakar, Senegal -- to Bamako, Mali --GOOY--GABS 
65--Bamako, Mali -- to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso --GABS--DFFD 
66--Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso -- to Cotonou, Benin --DFFD--DBBB 
67--Cotonou, Benin -- to Yaounde, Cameroon --DBBB--FKYS 
68--Yaounde, Cameroon -- to Kinshasa, Congo DRC --FKYS--FZAA 
69--Kinshasa, Congo DRC -- to Luanda, Angola --FZAA--FNLU 
70--Luanda, Angola -- to Huambo, Angola --FNLU--FNHU 
71--Huambo, Angola -- to Oshakati, Namibia --FNHU--FYOS 
72--Oshakati, Namibia -- to Windhoek, Namibia --FYOS--FYWH 
73--Windhoek, Namibia -- to Alexander Bay, South Africa --FYWH--FAAB 
74--Alexander Bay, South Africa -- to Cape Town, South Africa --FAAB--FACT 
75--Cape Town, South Africa -- to Bloemfontein, South Africa --FACT--FABL 
76--Bloemfontein, South Africa -- to Gaborone, Botswana --FABL--FBSK 
77--Gaborone, Botswana -- to Inhambane, Mozambique --FBSK--FQIN 
78--Inhambane, Mozambique -- to Toliara, Madagascar --FQIN--FMST 
79--Toliara, Madagascar -- to Mahajanga, Madagascar --FMST--FMNM 
80--Mahajanga, Madagascar -- to Mtwara, Tanzania --FMNM--HTMT 
81--Mtwara, Tanzania -- to Nairobi, Kenya --HTMT--HKRE 
82--Nairobi, Kenya -- to Masindi, Uganda --HKRE--HUMI 
83--Masindi, Uganda -- to Malakal, Sudan --HUMI--HSSM 
84--Malakal, Sudan -- to Khartoum, Sudan --HSSM--HSSS 
85--Khartoum, Sudan -- to Aswan, Egypt --HSSS--HESN 
86--Aswan, Egypt -- to Cairo, Egypt --HESN--HECA 
87--Cairo, Egypt -- to Athens, Greece --HECA--LGAV 
88--Athens, Greece -- to Rome, Italy --LGAV--LIRF 
89--Rome, Italy -- to Belgrade, Serbia --LIRF--LYBE 
90--Belgrade, Serbia -- to Freiburg, Germany --LYBE--EDTF 
91--Freiburg, Germany -- to Copenhagen, Denmark --EDTF--EKCH 
92--Copenhagen, Denmark -- to Moscow, Russia --EKCH--UUWW 
93--Moscow, Russia -- to Murmansk, Russia --UUWW--ULMM 
94--Murmansk, Russia -- to Syktyvkar, Russia --ULMM--UUYY 
95--Syktyvkar, Russia -- to Omsk, Russia --UUYY--UNOO 
96--Omsk, Russia -- to Krasnoyarsk, Russia --UNOO--UNKL 
97--Krasnoyarsk, Russia -- to Urumqi, China --UNKL--ZWWW 
98--Urumqi, China -- to Almaty, Kazakhstan --ZWWW--UAAA 
99--Almaty, Kazakhstan -- to Dushanbe, Tajikistan --UAAA--UTDD 
100--Dushanbe, Tajikistan -- to Delhi, India --UTDD--VIDP 
101--Delhi, India -- to Kolkata, India --VIDP--VECC 
102--Kolkata, India -- to Rangoon, Myanmar --VECC--VYYY 
103--Rangoon, Myanmar -- to Bangkok, Thailand --VYYY--VTBD 
104--Bangkok, Thailand -- to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia --VTBD--WMKK 
105--Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- to Jakarta, Indonesia --WMKK--WIII 
106--Jakarta, Indonesia -- to Surabaya, Indonesia --WIII--WRSJ 
107--Surabaya, Indonesia -- to Kupang, Indonesia --WRSJ--WRKK 
108--Kupang, Indonesia -- to Darwin, Australia --WRKK--YPDN 
109--Darwin, Australia -- to Alice Springs, Australia --YPDN--YBAS 
110--Alice Springs, Australia -- to Adelaide, Australia --YBAS--YPAD 
111--Adelaide, Australia -- to Hobart, Tasmania --YPAD--YMHB 
112--Hobart, Tasmania -- to Sydney, Australia --YMHB--YSSY 
113--Sydney, Australia -- to Brisbane, Australia --YSSY--YBBN 
114--Brisbane, Australia -- to Cairns, Australia --YBBN--YBCS 
115--Cairns, Australia -- to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea --YBCS--AYPY 
116--Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea -- to Jayapura, Indonesia --AYPY--WAJJ 
117--Jayapura, Indonesia -- to Ambon, Indonesia --WAJJ--WAPP 
118--Ambon, Indonesia -- to Manado, Indonesia --WAPP--WAMM 
119--Manado, Indonesia -- to Davao, Philippines --WAMM--RPMD 
120--Davao, Philippines -- to Manila, Philippines --RPMD--RPLL 
121--Manila, Philippines -- to Taipei, Taiwan --RPLL--RCTP 
122--Taipei, Taiwan -- to Shanghai, China --RCTP--ZSPD 
123--Shanghai, China -- to Fukuoka, Japan --ZSPD--RJFF 
124--Fukuoka, Japan -- to Tokyo, Japan --RJFF--RJAA 
125--Tokyo, Japan -- to Vladivostok, Russia --RJAA--UHWW 
126--Vladivostok, Russia -- to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia --UHWW--UHSS 
127--Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia -- to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia 
128--Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia -- to Magadan, Russia --UHPP--UHMM 
129--Magadan, Russia -- to Anadyr, Russia --UHMM--UHMA 
130--Anadyr, Russia -- to Wales, Alaska --UHMA--IWK 
131--Wales, Alaska -- to Anchorage, Alaska --IWK--PANC 
132--Anchorage, Alaska -- to Juneau, Alaska --PANC--PAJN 
133--Juneau, Alaska -- to Port Hardy, British Columbia --PAJN--CYZT 
134--Port Hardy, British Columbia -- to Seattle, Washington --CYZT--KSEA 
135--Seattle, Washington -- to Missoula, Montana --KSEA--KMSO 
136--Missoula, Montana -- to Salt Lake City, Utah --KMSO--KSLC

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