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We recently received a long and informative communication from Ron (thank
you again, Ron) in which he also mentioned the Audyssey Gaming Website.  I
visited the site and noted that some of you (and others not yet on our BVI
e-mail list) have been helping each other with how to set up and/or use the
IYP flight simulator application.  Unfortunately, since the application was
not originally designed for blind or visually impaired pilots, there are
certain aspects of the application that have presented unforeseen
difficulties for you.

I spoke with Robert this morning. He is working almost non-stop on a *new
version of the IYP software* that will address the issues you have
experienced.  It will no doubt also address some issues that you haven't yet
thought of - LOL.

In addition to Robert's new software, I am revising the IYP Manual to make
it easier for Jaws to read - this reference manual will also help you in
the loading, running and enjoyment the many aspects of the IYP application.
I hope to have the manual completed within the next week.

If you feel it is appropriate, please pass along this news to others on
Audyssey who may have experienced IYP difficulties, it might help them to
know that help is on its way!

Helen Cooper
Administrator, Pacific Feelings Media

website: Nickhelms.net
sip phone number: 360-526-6509
Skype: Nickster919
twitter: Nickster919

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