HI every body update on the news from the
Strat-of-Matic accessible Legue for the blind will be playings its
first game in the Liberty League on July 22.
The game will feature 2 blind managers playing a baseball sim over the internet.
David Hoppman will manage the 2008 Boston team while I will manage the Oakland 
This right now will be a closed session, to work out any glitches for up coming 
events where the net played games will be
broadcasted on a voice chat web site.

The debut of the Liberty League has been a long time dream of mine.
Having Jaws making the main stream game of Strat to be accessible to the blind 
and creating a email league.
The Liberty League consist of all the Major league teams and rosters of the 
2008 season.
With most of the teams being manage by the computer, leaves., plenty of teams 
for other blnd baseball fans to join.
During the season any team tranactions are done automatically.
Managers will create lineups and set rotations.
Home and away games are replayed by the team manager either against a computer 
manager or net play against another blind manager.
An All Star game will be managed by the 2 managers with the best records.
Playoff teams will be managed by league managers even if their team don't make 
the playoffs.

This is not a fantasy league.  As manager you will need to make on the field 
decisions and day to day evaluation of your players usage to keep players from 
being over used.

At this point the LIberty League is getting a Yahoo email group for its league.
The playball.ws web site will keep track of the league stats.

For now I'm going to report more on what the Liberty League is dong and its 
upcoming games that you can be a spectator of.

Those who are interesting in jooing the Liberty League, must own the Strat 
computer baseball game and my Jaws configurations.
You can get the game at the Strat-O-Matic web site


And to get the Jaws confgurations at 


Open the link for Strat instructional Jukebox.
>From there the bottom link has the latest start up kit for the game there.
Smiles, I am always updaing my Jaws Configs, to please me and why not enjoy 
them yourselves.
Recently I have quickly scripted , hot keys to read the Legue Leaders.
No more having to use Jaws repeatly and then have finger cramps.
Now just with a key stroke read the left side of the screen or  the middle or 
the right side of the three column of stats.

Ballparks that soon be part of the Jaws configurations package for ball ball 
codes  will include 
Toronto's Sky Dome and other ball parks that include classic ball parks.

AS Commmissioner of the Liberty League, I give my OK to allow any part of this 
message be submitted to Ron and the Audyssy magazine.

I want to give my thanks for his past support of my works on the Strat Jaws 
project and giving time for the pools I do for the blind.

As of now the BALL (Blind Accessible Liberty Legue), fantasy league for 
baseball is going well, you can found the standings of this league at:


Coming soon the FALL (Football Access Liberty League), fantasy league second 
These fantasy leagues allow the blind person to be part of a live draft.

That's it, my friens, have fun with the games.

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