You are invited to attend our weekly International Chess Club Meeting on 
Saturday in the Chess Parlor at at 11:30 A.M. Eastern Time, 
15:30 GMT or UTC. 
Everything is free! 
We can tell you how you can get free chess lessons, even if
you have never played this great game. 
If you have any chess questions or would like to arrange a
game, please attend the meeting. 
Our voice chat room "over-the-board" Chess Parlor
Tournament and Ladder Tournament and other things will be discussed. 
Our tournaments are free and open to all, including beginners. 
You are welcome to observe any of our games in the Chess Parlor. 
A game is played in a couple of hours. 
It is voice-chat over-the-board chess. 
It is not correspondence chess or email chess. 

P.S. is a set of voice chat rooms. 
It is free. 
To register for for-the-people, simply go to the web site,, and follow the directions. 

After you have been accepted by, to
subscribe to,
go to the home page, and follow the e-mail list link. 

Keep checking, 
Jim Slagle 
U.S.A. Phone: 609 945 5415

Shepherds are the best beasts.
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