Ok folks, for anybody who might've been interested in the previous
post, I'm now up and running.  thought I may as well post the solution
to the list too in case anybody searches the archives for the problem
in future.

Install the software that came on the cd without the wireless dongle
connected. If you don't have the cd, you can get the latest version
from the microsoft website.  At the time of writing, it's 1.1.
Plug in the wireless dongle once the software seems happy, and Windows
should detect it without any issues.
Now, the batteries have to be in your 360 controller the right way of
course. Off the top of my head I can't recall which end of an AA
battery is positive and negative, so let's go for simple speak.  On an
AA battery, you have a flat end and an end with a protruding dot on
it.  If you're holding the battery pack in front of you, with the
release button at the top and the back facing away from you, exactly
as it would be if it were re-connected to the control pad once this is
done, then the left battery goes in dot first, the right battery goes
in flat end first.
With the battery pack re-connected, take your controller in one hand
and your wireless dongle in the other. There's a small circular button
on top of the dongle, it's the only one there.  There's also a small
circular button directly above the right hand joystick of your
controller.  Hold those two buttons down at the same time, and after a
couple of seconds Windows should make a pop noise and your screen
reader of choice will announce that the xbox 360 controller has been
found successfully.

To turn your controller on next time you want to use it, just hold
down the same button on the pad you used to pair it up with the
dongle.  You won't need to pair them again unless you've disconnected
the controller and used it on an actual xbox between Windows sessions.
There doesn't seem to be a way of turning the pad straight off to
retain maximum battery life.  Apparently it shuts off after 10 minutes
of inactivity, or you can just briefly disconnect the battery pack
without doing any harm to the installed software.
The large circular button right in the centre of the pad will bring up
the status window from anywhere in Windows.  Upon first inspection
this is pretty much inaccessible, but if you hit alt-space you'll be
able to get at most things you need from that menu I think.

I'll post more as I discover it, the bad and the good.


On 8/14/09, Scott Chesworth <scottcheswo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Pretty much on a whim today, I picked up an x box 360 controller, one
> of the wireless ones that come with the USB wireless dongle thingy and
> Windows drivers.  Far from my usual style to just take a punt on
> something without daft amounts of research, but I really liked the
> design of the pad for almost every type of game I could think of, and
> I haven't seen that in a pad since dreamcast days so I had to have it.
> Now, here's the issue.  I've installed the software that came on the
> cd called microsoft xbox 360 accessories, and the drivers too.  From
> what I can tell with Jaws 10, everything except for the help system
> seems to be totally inaccessible, so thanks for that Bill!  The dongle
> half of the equation is detected fine by Windows, but in spite of
> batteries being in the controller I'm getting no action.  I guess I
> have to pair them up somehow, but the help system only describes how
> to use the accessories software post-installation, and I couldn't find
> an electronic copy of the manual on the cd.
> I fear it might be a case of sit down with a sighty for a few minutes
> to figure this one out.  Next time I'll have chance to do that isn't
> until late into the weekend though, so I also figured it'd be worth a
> post to the list to ask if anybody has the same hardware and knows
> what I'm missing.
> Really hoping that the inaccessible software won't matter too much
> once I know what I'm doing because I'm all over the design of the pad
> itself and don't want to return it unless I have too.
> Cheers in advance
> Scott

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