keyboard support will definately be supported, but i can't promise it will be as fulfilling an experience without using a mouse or joystick, the keyboard is simply too limiting, and personally i hate playing action games of any type with it. For example, with the mouse, the speed of your pass will be determined by how quickly you flick the mouse forward, replicating this action on the keyboard is a pain at best. as for offline play and the rest, i'm keeping all that under wraps for now, both to keep folks from complaining about how the final product will be before its even started an alpha, and also because i'm not completely sure about some of these aspects myself. as the development cycle matures, different possibilities open themselves up, but i'll let you all know where we're headed as things get closer to alpha.
 what i can promise you is it will be a sports game we can all be proud of.
regarding beta testing, which is still a long ways off, i am limiting the initial testing to the purchasers of rail racer, i believe in rewarding those that have supported my efforts, and the folks playing railr acer are some of the best hard core gamers out there anyhow in my opinion, and able to give me solid feedback.

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