Hi all
I just need you to be aware of something.
I have gone to the GMA website and clicked on contact us and I wrote a
message that I wish to join the GMA mailing list.
And I was added to the mailing list indeed.
But the strange thing is: I cannot type the address of the  mailing list
into the to: field.
After I was added to the mailing list, when I opened a post from the list, I
noticed that the address is:

however, when I type this address into the to: field, and I type my subject
line and  message body and I hit send, google sends me an error e-mail back
telling me the group doesn't exist.
Even if I open a post from the GMA mailing list and I move to the to: header
and I right click and I choose ad to contacts.
Even then I cannot successfully post to the list.
If I click on  the to: button and I choose

from the list, and I send my message after typing the subject and body,
google sends me the same error e-mail.
I have mentioned the problem on the GMA list, but nobody there have an idea
what causes the problem.
So the only way I am able to post to the list, is to hit reply  (control+r)
on a post I got from the list, then delete the subject and message body and
type my subject and message. Then only does my post  reach the list
If I wish to post to the list again, all I do is:
I go to my sent items folder, then I find a message that I have sent to the
list by replying to a post from the list.
so I find the most recent post I sent to the list, I open it and I press
control+shift+r for reply to all.
I then delete my own address.
Because  if I only hit reply, only my own e-mail address appears in the to:
So I have to hit control shift r, which will then put my address in the to:
field as well as the list's address.
So I delete my address, and I delete the subject, and I type the subject and
message body,and send it and it reaches the list successfully.
Lately, however, I have found out something.]
I once more go to a recent post I sent to the GMA list, then I hit reply to
Then I delete  my address,  the subject an message body from it.
And in the subjectline I write;
Type your subject line.
And in the message body I write:
Type your message body.
Then I hit escape and I answer yes.
Now I have a blank message in my drafts folder addressed to the GMA list.
Next time when I want to post to the list, I just go to my drafts and I make
a copy of that blank message.
Because if I do not, that message is removed from my drafts folder once I
sent the message.
So I highlight the blank message addressed to the  GMA list.
Then I hit control c and control v right after each other.
So now I can clear the subject line and message body an type my subject and
message body.
Next time if I want to post again to the list, I do the same thing.
Copy the blank message and open it, and clear the subject line an body an
write my own subject line an body.

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