Now that the first Blind access league under away with the
Strat-o-Matic Baseball game here is some stats.

Check the bottom for more deatil on how you can manage a team in the Libertay 

 ----------GIDP---------   ---PINCH HIT BAT AVG---   ------SLUGGING PCT-----   
 E.Hinske      TBA     4   D.Wise        CHA 1.000   B.Roberts     BAA 1.188   
 J.Morneau     MNA     3   J.Keppinger   CIN 1.000   C.Granderson  DEA  .938   
 OTHERS TIED WITH      2   S.Podsednik   CON 1.000   P.Konerko     CHA  .909   
                           W.Helms       FLN 1.000   E.Encarnacion CIN  .909   
                           S.Pearce      PIN 1.000   C.Jones       ATN  .900   
                           W.Nieves      WAN 1.000   X.Nady        PIN  .882   
                           W.Aybar       TBA  .500   G.Laird       TEA  .857   
                           L.Gonzalez    FLN  .500   E.Hinske      TBA  .850   
                           R.Furcal      LAN  .500   R.Vazquez     TEA  .846   
                           G.Dobbs       PHN  .500   A.Huff        BAA  .833   
                           H.Blanco      CHN  .333   K.Youkilis    BOA  .813   
                           OTHERS TIED WITH   .250   E.Gonzalez    SDN  .813   
The Libertay is still in the first full month of the baseball schedule, where 
its not to late to join in on the fuln.
You can manage a team from Atlanta to Washington.
Manage your favorite team or players, in a realistic baseball season.
Who call all the shots on and off the field.

The Strat game can be found at

To injoy the accessible aspect of the game with my Jaws configurations
Just head to 
There you can find the start up kit.
Later you can send me an email at
To get the latest Jaws scripts.
Most recently added are frames for the SkyDome and other ball parks.
New scripts been done for more easy in checking out league stats, that make a 
one finger to see the stats under Slugging Percentage like the one above.
No more haveing to arrow this way and that way.  Just hit the hot key and its 
read in one stream.

My Chicago Butchers scored five runs in the 9th to beat the Detroit Wolf in 
Smiles, sure I glad I pinch hit with Mister Wise, it made me look very wise as 
the Chicago team was down 3 to 1 and won the game with five runs..
Hog Butcher 6 Wolfs 3.

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