Hi gamers
Just guess who is  with me in my bedroom at the moment.
Nobody else than nearly headless nick.
He's got some sad news to tell ya all.
So I will move away from my pc so that he can do the typing.
Sir nick, the pc is yours.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Sir nick writing.
I have a very sad story to share.
I saw dobby storming out of the castle, his whole body shaking with terror.
I will tell you what happened, I  followed  him all the way.
It appears that he unlocked the front door by elve magic.
I saw dobby going up the one street, then down another.
His whole little body still shaking tremendously.
Many wizards and witches stares at him in utmost shock.
They wanted to ask him what is the matter.
Hundreds of witches calls:
Dobby, dobby, what is the matter!
But dobby just walks on, sobbing with terror.
At last I can see dobby goes in at the ministry of magic.
Dobby approaches a witch at the  reception.
He sobs, he can hardly speak.
"Mam, mam, dobby, wants, dobby, wants to see mister fudge plese".
The witch takes dobby to mister fudge's office, I followed him and the witch
as they went into the elevator.
At last they reach the storey where mister fudge is working.
The witch knocks at his office.
"Sir fudge, dobby has come to see you, it looks like terrifying business."
Mister fudge says in his kind voice:
"come in dobby; sit down."
dobby sobs, tears streaming down his tennis ball eyes.
"sir fudge, sir fudge."
Dobby sobbs so much so that he cannot speak properly.
"Calm down dobby and tell me what is the matter."
"Misses elkington, please bring dobby some tea."
After dobby gulp down the tea  in  one big gulp, he began speaking.
Still sobbing.
"Sir fudge, dobby, dobby, need to tell sir, that something terrifying has
Of course dobby does not know that sarah good, an intruder into the hogwarts
castle, has changed herself into dumbledor with the polly juice potion).
"dobby need to tell sir that the headmaster, mister dumbledor has visited
the elf  living  quarters.
And he wanted to greet the elves and wish them a happy summer holiday.
I mean, sir, surely, the elves can just be awake for alittle wile, greeting
the headmaster.
Its not as if mister dumbledor wants them to work during the summer
They can, out of respect, be awake for 1 minute?
He just wants to greet them all.
So, I saw mister dumbledor knocking on one of the room's doors.
And 100 rooms birst open."
Dobby's sobs gets worse again.
"100 rooms opened at once, and the elves screamed at dumbledor  in  rude,
ugly voices.
It appears that dumbledor has lost some magical energy.
And I could see some ugly bruise marks and swollen places on his body.
Dumbledor was too horror struck to  do something at that moment.
He just left the  elve living quarters in total shame and terror."
Mister fudge almost tore his clothes out of shock.
"I can't, I can't believe this!
The elves shows total disrespect to dumbledor.
I will visit the headmaster and we will come up with a plan  of action.
The elves must be punished for this.
They should respectfully greet the headmaster whether its their resting time
or not!
Its never askd too much to be awake for a minute.
And who knows? Maybe dumbledor decided to surprise them  with  some snacks
and drinks when he visits them!
Ungrateful, disrespectful  little beasties!"
Roared mister fudge through his mustache.
"Thanks for bringing this under my attention, dobby.
I will make work of this.
I will make sure the elves gets disciplined sternly.
But wy didn't  you nott go to dumbledor?"
"sir, dobby did not want to wake dumbledor.
I was in his office's entrance hall but I heard him sleeping, so I didn't
want to wake him."
"well anyway, thanks for bringing this under my attention.
"once the elves awaken to eat something or go to the toilet,  plese  sternly
speak to  them and warn them that  myself and dumbledor is going to deal
with them."
"thanks so much sir."
Dobby looks better now.
"enjoy your day, sir."
"you too, dobby."
Now me, nicol is back in front of my pc.
One last thing before I hit send.
Maybe, maybe, just, maybe, phil can jump in and save the elves from trouble
before getting stern punishment from fudge and dumbledor.

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