hello everyone. since i love wrestling games, today i decided to search
for some good ones, but
only in text, and downloadable games, since a lot of time these days i'm
not with a internet
connection available, but like to play a game.
the games that i found are menu based, depending in what actions you can
do, it lists the
number / letter to press and the action that it will do (i.e: 1: kick 2:
punch) etc.
believe me, the replaiability factor in the games is unlimited. there
are a lot of possibility
to execute different tipes of moves, and you never will have the same
in both games you can create new wrestlers, but in the second game there
are more than 250 to
choose from. the games allow you to create tournaments, singles / tag
battles, etc...
and although the descriptions in battle are simple, they are enough to
show you what's
happening. forget about hp, it doesn't show stats during fights, just
the condition (i.e: poor,
good, fair, etc)
i had, and will have a lot of fun playing these games, and i hope that
you guys like it as well
this is for true wrestling fans.
p.s: games are run in dos, if it runs slow on your computer, tell here
and i'll pass the
instructions to improve performance
first game, called:
Wrestling League Simulator can be found here:
here is the second game, and in my opinion, the better one.
called                    PILEDRIVER. can be found here:

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