Hi all
I've been thihnking of a neat idea for the sarah game.
Since the harry potter books have stated more than once that the bloody
baron is the only one that can control peeves, I have thought of the
following idea:
Sarah should have 3 opportunities to call the bloody  baron in extreme
This should be done through the mirror dobby gave her.
In other words, when sarah highlights  the mirror from her inventory, she
should have 2 persons to call: dobby and the bloody barron. If she calls
dobby, the normal thing should happen.
Dobby must give her a hint.
And on the sixth floor dobby must give sarah either socks or butter beer if
she calls him through the mirror.
Secondly, if sarah selects bloody baron from her mirror and hit enter, the
bloody baron should aparate from where it is, either from the  astronomy
tower or slytheren common room.
He then should aparate from his  current location and control  peeves for
some time.
He should do one of 2 things with peeves.
Either  grab peeves and aparate with him to one of the bloody baro'ns  hang
out places.
Or he should control peeves in some way, maybe holding him stil  in his grip
for a while.
The harry potter books did not precisely described how the bloody barron
controls peeves.
WHILE AND LET  GO OF  him or take peeves with him to where he hangs out.
But sarah should only get 3 opportunities  during the entire game to get the
bloody baron to control peeves.
An  example of an extreme case would be if sarah is reading books in the
library and peeves often  pests her.
After the bloody barron controlled peeves, he should immediately aparate
from where he came.
The bloody baron should only take a bit of sarah's  energy  away
if  she touches the bloody barron when she visits the slytheren common room
or astronomy tower.
Or another extreme case where the bloody baron's help may be needed is: if
sarah has used all her stunning  an  patronous spells. Lets say sarah only
has aparate spells left.
Lets say the player is in the headmaster's office and is about to pick up
dumbledor's wand.
Suddenly the player hears peeves.
Some people, if they apparate, find it  difficult to get to dumbledor's
office again, as the broom  cupboard is  situated in the entrance hall of
the headmaster's office.
So lets say that this new feature is implemented: instead of aparating and
having to find your way again into dumbledor's office you call the bloody
barron through your mirror and he then controls peeves for a while so that
you can find dumbledor's wand.
 In other words, sarah should only use these 3  opportunities in extreme
If the player calls the bloody barron when peeves is not around, the game
should simply not respond.

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