it's nice to hear about a text base wrestling game out there thatt is for both online and offline but the thing that people want is a audio version of wrestling game that will let you play as today wrestlers and wrestlers from the past and do the matches that they have today aswell as matches from the past and have entrance music when your wrestler comes out at the begining of the match and have the crowd cheering aswell and have anouncer calling the match and someone helping him to call the match another thing that people want in a wrestling game is the sound of someone getting hit by a chair and someone going through a table and someone getting hit by a ladder and someone getting slam on the mat and the floor something else that wrestling fan want is wrestlers talking and wrestlers getting in the match who don't have anything to do with the match and something else people want to be able to go through a story mode and fight for the different titles inclue the women title and have the different women matches i don't think that anyone want to set up the season themselves that why an audio wrestling game should have a pre set season mode that last for awhile and who ever makes the game they can have an online mode where you play against other people in a season mode and have a offline mode for those who want just to play against the computer have a level setting such as begining easy normal hard expert text base games are good but people want interaction with the games or if someone would take the text base wrestling game they can take and put sound to it and music to it aswell

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