Hi all
I was totally shocked when I got a very strange e-mail.
And I am dead serious, this is not a joke.
I really got this e-mail!
It follows:
----- original message -----
From: pi...@packman.com
Sent: Wednesday, september 02, 8:00 p.m  
To: noosthui...@sars.gov.za
Subject: pinky's revenge
Hello nicol
I sit with a very ugly grin on my face as I am writing this e-mail.
I see you are having a very nice time with the sara game, ay?
Ghosts only takes little itsy bits of energy away if you are getting
touched by them.
And they are  talking so nicely  to you, telling you for instance that
they hope you get sorted into the huffle puf house.
I do not like this, rahrorrr!
I enjoy it when you quickly lose the game.
Mooo haaa haaa
So I went and tampered with the sarah game.
I hacked in on mister vlasak's server and I have tampered with the sarah
game. While you were surfing on the net, I hacked in on your computer
and got your I p address.
Then I hacked into mister vlasak's server and tampered with the sara
game in such a way that  only you will lose the game quikly.
I tampered with the ssarah game in such a way that it will read your I p
address  even though you are not on the net.
Other gamers are quite relaxed if they lose in pack man, so far it is
only you who gets frustrated when losing in pack man.
Mooo ha ha ha ha
Now the friendly hogwarts ghosts, will almost  behave like us pack man
ghosts, on higher floors of hogwarts at least.
You have most probably already noticed this.
When you get touched by a ghost, whether you are in patronous mode or
not, the game restarts.
I actually made a bit of a mess, you know?
I did not intend that the game must restart if you touch a  ghost  when
you are in patronous mode. But well, no use crying over spilled pumpkin
juice, you know? 
<slight grin>
But at least you lose the game very easily on higher floors of hogwarts.
That's how I like it!
So do not blame phil for this strange behavior that you are
I tampered with the sarah game.
Its not a bug on phil's  side.
Its also not your computer lacking resources.
Its me, I tampered with the sarah game.
Now you certainly are going to  ask me how I did it?
Mooo haaa haaa
Do you really think I am  going to tell you, ay?
<evil grin>
Well, unfortunatly, I cannot get the sarah game  ghosts to say things
that we pack mang ghosts say but at least now I know they will end the
game quickly just like we ghosts are doing in pack man.
I enjoy it when you bang your head against the wall of frustration, I
enjoy it when you are pulling at your hair.
That's how it should be!
End of e-mail
Guys, I will not joke about something like this.
I really got this e-mail.
I am aware that the pack man ghosts is not real, probably an  evil guy
out there trhying to do me and phil  in.
I hope he can be traced and persecuted for what he did.
Mods and gamers, please believe me. This is not a joke.
This is real.
I really got the e-mail.
Please do not be surprised if you try to contact this bloke and the mail
bounce back to you.
He probably just set up this address to send me this nasty e-mail and
then he will most probably delete the e-mail address after sending the
mail successfully. 
I know what question might be on your lips right now.
"Nicol, How do you know that this evil dood are aware that you at some
time enjoyed the ssarah game a lot and  that you are now  getting
strange behavior in the sarah game?"  
Well, he most probably reads the archives of this list.
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