Isn't it ironic that someone who hates golf in real life, such as me, and someone who never played in RL, such as my girl, are now having this daily PC golf contest?
A thumb up Jim, another game that is rather addictive and entertaining.
Be nice though if there's a multi-player mode like monopoly though, that way we can have our contest at the same game instead of playing the same course/game twice heh. More comments from the spectators be fun too, and maybe some variation to the background noises like running water, chattering people, etc? I just love that 'oh my god' you get for the sounds so genuine. What may also be cool is for people to be able to submit their records online, so we can have a group tournament! Also be neat is to have more random happenings, like when there's a clubhouse nearby, maybe the ball breaks the window? Or maybe when you take a swing, you miss the ball all together? Maybe when a bee buzzes by, it stings you? Things like that, sort of like the random occurances in baseball. Gosh do I ever hate that pond! Got it three times in a row last night!

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