Hi Johnny,

Cool, I'm glad that you and your Girl are having so much fun with my golf game. 
 Thank you very much for saying so.

I also like the computer version better than I did real golf.  Probably because I'm 
better at the computer version. <grin>

I am sorry, but I and others have looked and looked at the code, and it just 
was not written so that it can be made into a multi player game.  However I 
just used the Windows run command and started two instances of the game.  I 
only played a couple of holes and it worked just fine.  Just alt tabbed between 
the two instances of the game.  The function keys f1, f2, f3 etc will come in 
handy to remind each player where they are when you alt tab to their game.

I'm sorry, but I do not know how to do on line score boards etc.  However I do 
know that people do hold golf tournaments in places like




And other people organize tournaments by picking a course and then Emailing 
their score to have the results compiled and published.

I'm sorry, but I do not think that people would like random things effecting 
their score.  Not any more than the current slight random distance, hook and 
slice that is.

If you want to swing and miss, try using the 1 wood while not on the tee. <grin>

There are currently 37 random and set ambient sound files.  The set ones will 
play depending on some of the pre defined descriptions.  You know like if there 
is a road, swimming pool, hospital, cow pasture etc.  You can add your own 
random ambient sounds if you like.

Adding sounds to the game.

You can add your own ambient sounds to the golf game.  They will be
the sounds that are randomly played on the golf course when you do
not press a key for awhile.

All you need to do is put wave files in this folder.  The wave
files will need to start with the 3 letters amb and have a .wav
extension.  Do not replace the existing wave files named amb1.wav
through amb37.wav.  I recommend you name the wave files with the
standard dos file name format.  I E no more than 8 letters followed
by the extension .wav  I also recommend that you use 8 bit wave
files with the sample rate of 11025.




If there were no golf balls, how would we measure hail?

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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