Before checking out the voting in the Strat Baseball Liberty League, want to 
drop a note.

IN a few  weeks The manager of the Phillies Cheese Steaks (PHN) and the Chicago 
Gangsters (CHN)
will face off in a live chat room on

I will have more detail about this Historical game later.
It will be the first of its kind.  A net played game where both blinder gamers 
will play a regular season in a Live
chat room.

While this game counts in the Standings it will be promoting the Strat Liberty 
League and the game features with the Jaws scripts.
There is teams you can maange in the league as a blind game and its still very 
Early in the season.
The Cheese Steaks have won 6 straight wins to Lead in the Nation East.
While The Gangsters are chasing down the St. Louis Blues.

It's only a small part of what a manager tries to do, is get his players in the 
All Star Game.

C  C.Iannetta(CON) 135,195              Y.Molina(SLN) 110,525
1B T.Helton(CON) 224,350                A.Pujols(SLN) 210,086
2B B.Roberts(BAA) 204,808               H.Kendrick(LAA) 149,270
3B C.Jones(ATN) 189,772                 A.Rodriguez(NYA) 150,633
SS M.Young(TEA) 121,783                 M.Tejada(HON) 93,305
LF J.Cust(OAA) 128,393                  L.Scott(BAA) 125,351
CF G.Sizemore(CLA) 187,271              C.Granderson(DEA) 126,713
RF V.Guerrero(LAA) 191,062              N.Markakis(BAA) 187,084
Pi J.Saunders(LAA) 215,376              B.Fuentes(CON) 182,866
   T.Wellemeyer(SLN) 154,919            T.Buchholz(CON) 145,425
   P.Maholm(PIN) 144,655                M.Mussina(NYA) 143,126
   S.Baker(MNA) 125,057                 J.Guthrie(BAA) 121,659
   C.Lee(CLA) 116,362                   E.Volquez(CIN) 113,775
   C.Billingsley(LAN) 113,775           G.Geary(HON) 113,135

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