Well, in te end things worked out alright. with the help of my software 
engineer friend, I was able to do as I thought, and create a new admin account 
then delete the corrupted one. 

It's saved me a lot of hastle, ---- but there are some very strange things. For 
instance, some (though not all), of my program shortcuts have vanished. The 
programs are stil there, ---- and in the cases where they had a deffinite exe 
file they're not installed, but I'm having to go and physically recreate 
program groups for them. 

then, while Hal is working, the orphius synthesiser isn't! it's stil installed, 
but the program shortcuts have utterly vanished, and it's not appearing in the 
compatible synths list for Hal whatsoever. I'm having to use Realspeak daniel 
at the moment. 

I'm going to contact dolphin and see if I can either redownload orphius, or if 
I need to reinstall Hal to get it back. 

All very weerd! 

Of couse, though outlook express reappeared with my new account, my mail 
addresses haven't. I've been able to resetup my Dark address, --- but sinse my 
private mail address has a password set by bt, I'll need to ring them and give 
them a good yelling at to fix it, ---- and don't get me started on what I'll 
need to do with the university It service to restore my student address. 

while it's a pain, I'm just glad i'm not having to completely reinstall 

Thanks for everyone's help. 

Beware the grue! 

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