This shows what is happening in the storyline.
to be honest I havn't bothered with these.
These are events that happen during the game, good if you are owning things in 
sertain areas.
Ofcause I'd imagine that if something was happening in a system you were in or 
close to you, you would want to bother.
Generally though all this is in the outer systems at least nothing has happened 
in the home systems yet.
nothing in fact happens, just as well.
I am slowly going through missions.
I really need to find somewhere where I can grab cheap armour units that have 
something like 100-300 ratings on them or something.
the player market is real slow and bad.
locks up things.
Right now I have enough firepower if only i had another 300-600 hp on my armour 
I may be able to win.
I can only knock off weak raders with a total tonnage of 800-900.
However I am suspecting that the fast rader that is at my speed is what will if 
I smash it earn me exp and another count on my mission list.
However Although I can slice 2 thirds of the way in I don't have the protection 
to go all the way.
Unfortunately this means I have lost my cargo, etc.
the reason I have not bothered right now is I am sick to death of the mission I 
am on, don't want to quit because I have only 7 ships left on it, and its a 
real pain, however I really want to sort out something.
I want to complete missions for each npc, right now I am defending the traid 
Used to be so easy, but now its raders, and 20 of em.
I have 7 left I have been at this thing on and off for the last 6 months.
if someone has done this and wants to send me the locations of all the ships 
and where everything is maybe I may have a chance.
as long as my areas are in order I can handle it its when stuff is like out of 
order that I get bothered.
I think the game should be made a bit easier, you find a rader or whatever you 
kill it and it gets added as long as you are in an area and find it.
you are supposed to be told where the next thing is or at least search for the 
things but I just hate getting the wrong ship!
Ok, so its a pirate but the wrong pirate.
this means repair, and find the right system.
If I manage to get something like 100000 I may try to upgrade and get a mall 
since thats 60 grand.
On that note if I could find where I can get more powerfull armour and maybe  
energy modules then I'd be quite happy if someone could tell me.
If someone has a suggestion how to get through the player market without jaws 6 
locking because of all the data then cool.
everything I sell to jo, I get cash but thats not enough to expand.
Things I need now.
weapons I have loads of, to many.
at the current time I need another censor sweet, more energy packs, more 
armour, and thats about it.
oh a self repair system would be nice.
A better ship would rock but since the better ships cost about 30+ mill I doubt 
I can get one.
the second class up is 16 mil.
even that would be better than nothing.
Hmmm I wander if there is a email list where players can trade stuff, not sure 
how legal it is to do this out game but the player markets slow everything 
down, and lock things and become unusable.
Even if the email was out game and you had to email someone in game to get 
things hmmph.
I need to bring all this up with coops.
Issue is that every time I get hammered or stuck it will be another month 
before I find the courage to try again.
I don't want the game to be easier but right now its a pain in the rear.
At 05:26 p.m. 18/10/2009, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>Just a Misc question here that isn't very important but, I'm wondering  
>about news items such as this one; is it just there to add flavor?
>5:11 » Harry Wilder being investigated for inflating prices
>5:19 » Madyson White honoured in V-P celebrations
>5:13 » Walhabie - Safety Inspection
>Anyone know what these kinds of news items mean?
>Otherwise, so far, I'm enjoying the game quite a bit.
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