Hi Folks,
I just got the hand held FreezeUp talking Category Game.
It talks and is completely usable by the blind.

the beginning of the game, players each have 60 seconds.
As the timer ticks down during his or her turn, a player must
name something in a specified category (such as fruits) that begins with
a specific letter (such as P). The faster a player responds, the less time
deducted from his or her allotted time. As the categories and letters
keep coming and players' time runs out, they are eliminated. The last
player in the game with time remaining is the WINNER.

For 2 to 8 players
It looks like a squashed American football,
8 inches long, 5 inches wide and 3 inches high.
There are 4 controls around the back of the game, a low, high volume switch,
the on off button, the player button, and the manual or automatic switch.
On the top on the left are two large triangle buttons, the top is the switch
category and the bottom is the switch letter.
and on the right is a large crescent moon shaped button that is the stop
Above these large buttons are 4 smaller buttons.
the first from left to right, is the go button,
the second is a challenge button,
the third is an accept word button,
and the forth is a Word Rejected button.

In Auto Mode, Freeze Up
immediately announces Player 1's turn, chooses
a category and letter at random (for example,
"Name a sport, letter T"), and starts the
timer ticking.
Player 1 quickly thinks of an answer,
(for example, "tennis"). Player 1 shouts it out,
presses the Stop button to halt the timer,
and passes the unit to the next player.
The game continues with players passing Freeze Up around
and taking turns answering questions.
If you don't know an answer you can,
Choose a new category.
or Choose a new letter.
Pressing either button results in a
3-second penalty.
If you disagree with a player's answer, you can hit the challenge button.
If the group votes to ACCEPT the word, the
challenger presses the Word Accepted button.
The challenger loses five seconds from his or her
remaining time.
If the group votes to REJECT the word, the
challenger presses the Word Rejected button.
The challenged player loses five seconds from
his or her remaining time.

It takes 3 double a batteries and needs a Philips screwdriver to open the battery case.

It was $25 plus shipping from Amazon.
It has 170+ categories, built-in timer and scorekeeper, crystal-clear speech, and sound effects.

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