Hi Daren,
Unfortunately, that has always been Jaws's major weakness. The manufacturer, Freedom Scientific, feels maximum product security takes presidents over end user convenience. So they tend to use the harshest and most restrictive security systems imaginable for the screen reader. That might be fine if it actually worked, but it doesn't. I know for a fact there are cracks of Jaws 11 flying around the internet, and Freedom Scientific hasnt' stopped the illegal distribution of the Jaws software. All they have done is made it harder for the end users, their customers, to legally register and use their software. It is a lose lose situation. Personally I don't think companies like Freedom Scientific gain much by using such security systems. One of the reasons I switched to Window eyes is to avoid having to screw around with dongles, authorization disks, or any other draconian security system they came up with over the passed few years. It is too much of a pain to use the product in my profession, because I can't just take it and use it anywhere and everywhere I might need to. I feel if I pay for the product I should at least have the right to use it when and where I need to without being hampered by restrictive product licensing. In terms of games those aren't as important as a screen reader, but the same principles do apply. I have a couple of games like Troopenum that I haven't requested a new product key for, because I simply got tired of having to get a new one everytime I perform an upgrade on my computer, buy a new laptop, whatever. It gets to be too much work getting new keys for every game I want to play.

Darren Harris wrote:

Some of the registration processes and what breaks them are just plain
stupid though. Take jaws for example. My partner had to have some ram
replaced on her pc. Now nothing else was changed. Nothing at all. Well jaws
went straight into demo mode. This was at work by the way. So as you can
imagine this is mighty inconvenient. So she called up her local jaws dealer
only to be told that this is a normal thing because jaws thinks it's a new
pc. Which really is stupid. So she had to obtain the cd with the ILM number
on it, run it and re-licence the product again. Now sorry but how stupid is
that? It's just so ridiculous! With window eyes you just don't get this

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