HI all
Here is a more detailed sneek preview to my sircus mod I am busy
developing. Here is level1's layout for now:
All the cut sceens will contain my voice as well as cool sircus music
recorded by yours sincerely.
Level1:  welcome to the boswell wilky sircus tent.
Instead of robotic troopers,  you will face baby donkeys.
They enjoy hot water on their backs, and if you do not splat some  hot
water on them, they will kick you and you will lose a bit of your
health. So instead of shooting the trooppers, you are carrying a self
filling container full of warmwater  with a host pipe in front.  
Instead of the  robodogs, there will be real dogs, poodles to be exact.
Instead of shooting robodogs, you will give a bone to each little sircus
poodle approaching you.
If you do not give them a bone, they will bite you in your leg and you
will lose some health.
Of course, in most levels you will hear your footsteps on tent material.
It will sound as if you are walking in a  huge tent.
Instead of the monkeys dropping coconuts, you will find gorillas
throughout  this level. They sit on chairs hoisted in to the air a
little, these chairs  are made of silver and the guirillas are in fact
tossing coconuts at you and you will lose health if one lands on your
head. For now I am not going to tell you what kind of music will be in
each level, but it will definitely be sircus music.
For each level there will be another kind of sircus music, mainly
showtune and march rhythms.
The teleporter sound as you are getting closer will be a solo trumpet
tune and the music that plays while you are teleporting will be a nice
sircus tune.
IN this sircus mod only the last part of level7 will be a boss level.
The final act of level1 will be a german shepherd riding on a swing high
in the air. AS he descends, he will take a munch at your leg and take
away some health obviously.
The german shepherd does not like warm water, so before he can get too
close to the ground to munch your leg, throw warm water at him until he
jumps off the swing and runs bark-bark to the sircus boss.
Stay tune for level2's layout.
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