IN this 3d adventure game,  you are blind and you have to do your
errands on your own.
You have to, of course,  use a cain to advance through the town.
The town is situated in the beautiful state of Connecticut. 
You have been disapproved for a dog because you battle with directions.
IN this game, you can press shift+up arrow to walk ahead continuously,
which is definitely recommended.
You can press up and down arrows to take one step forward or backwards,
but its not recommended.
While your character is walking, hold the spacebar down and swing your
caine with the left and right arrows.
The trick is not to swing your cain to far as to hit bypassers else you
will land in court on manslaughter or woman abuse charge,  and the game
is over.
You may either want to hold down the left and right arrows while you are
holding spacebar, or you may only want to press the left and right
arrows and release it, you have to master the trick of swinging your
caine to the left and right just the right distances.
You will hear the sound of your cane as your character taps it on the
ground.  When you are facing a corner or turn off, simply stop swinging
your cane and use the arrows to change direction as in sod.
Once inside a shop of your choice, hit the v key to bring up a view mode
containing all items you can buy in your vicinity.
Use up and down arrows, and enter to add it to your shopping basket.
Once you get to the counter, your character will automatically pay for
the groceries .And of course, the tricky part everyone's has been
waiting for. You obviously need to cross streets as you want to visit
more than one shop and also coffee shops situated in different streets.
So the trick is to listen for the robot making a loud whissel in some
streets. If it makes a soft whissel, it means that cars on another
street that the one you are waiting on, have to stop.
And of course, not  all the streets in this game has robot whissels, so
in that case you have to listen when its quiet and the trick is to run
if there is no cars.
You are armed with a holstered flame  thrower, so if a drunk or reckless
driver knocks  you off your feet, blow his car  to dust with your  flame
thrower. You might sometimes be lucky to find a friendly driver  who
will take you to the next shop you want to be.
IF that happens, you get some bonus points and of course, you don't have
to worry about crossing the next street!
This game, if it really existed, will help you understand mobility
issues, or as the Americans call it, travel issues.
The game, if only it existed, will teach you when to pass a busy road
when no cars Is coming. It will also teach you to swing your cane just
the right distance.
Thanks mister nobody,  the game rocks!
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