Okay, I see the point and it looks like C++ is going to be my best option. 
Yes, that code you sent did look a bit complicated, but then I haven't 
studied the code as yet. My questions are below and sorry about all this, 
but this is all new to me.

1. Can I use the straight C++ and add Sappy later after the main program is 
written or should it be included as I write the program?
2. Where do I find this VC++ express that has the Sappy with it and about 
how much is that going to run me for cost?
3. In terms of direct X is that included in the ++ languages or where do I 
find the code for it or do I just download some sort of link thing to tell 
the program it needs this?
4. What, exactly is the first thing I should do? Find a link and tutorial to 
study a ++ language?
5. In terms of cost and libraries, exactly what does this mean? I thought I 
could just study the code and write everything by hand as I do with 
websites? Or, do I need to pay for a ++ license and direct X license and 
Sappy license to get this all going?

What do I write the code in? I mean like for websites I write in MS-notepad 
and save as html. When I start writing code, do I use notepad again or do I 
download something special so I can save it as C++ extension or something.?

I really appreciate all the help and I'm sorry I've so many questions, but I 
want to try to get things in the right order the first time so I don't have 
to redo stuff, which takes more time.

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