Hi Chastity,
Ok, I've responded to your e-mail using a question and answer format so you and others can get a better handle on things.

1. Can I use the straight C++ and add Sappy later after the main program is
written or should it be included as I write the program?

Depends on how large the project is. For a new programmer like yourself I'd recommend just focus on learning the language rather than trying to learn an API like Sapi. For simple programs you can just print your text directly to the screen using a function like printf or cout which is accessible to any screen reader that has console support. Most of my early programs just printed text to the screen in this way. Later once you know the language better you can go back and add Sapi support to them for practice.

2. Where do I find this VC++ express that has the Sappy with it and about
how much is that going to run me for cost?

The answer is Visual C++ Express is totally free. It is a shareware program created by Microsoft and you can download it from me at
then unzip it and install it.

3. In terms of direct X is that included in the C++ languages or where do I
find the code for it or do I just download some sort of link thing to tell
the program it needs this?

Well, DirectX is a technology that is built into Windows. In order to program a game or anything else that uses DirectX you need to download the DirectX SDK, set Visual C++ up to use it, and you need to read the documentation that comes with it to learn how to program using DirectX. DirectX is a very advanced piece of technology, and it isn't something you can learn over night. You can get the DirectX SDK for developers from them at
and install it.
I'll add here that Philip has a library he sells fairly cheaply called Streamway that uses DirectX, but is easier to use than DirectX from what he has told me. Plus you get some extras like the ability to use ogg support, sound encryption, etc. Just thought you'd like to know.

4. What, exactly is the first thing I should do? Find a link and tutorial to
study a C++ language?

Yes, you need to learn the C++ language before you do anything else. You can't even begin to program using Sapi, DirectX, whatever unless you first know how to program using C++. It's like going to a foreign country and trying to talk to someone who can't speak English. In a case like that it makes sense to learn the foreign language before traveling to that country and trying to speak with someone who can't speak English. If that makes sense.

5. In terms of cost and libraries, exactly what does this mean? I thought I
could just study the code and write everything by hand as I do with
websites? Or, do I need to pay for a C++ license and direct X license and
Sappy license to get this all going?

No. Most libraries such as DirectX, Sapi, etc are totally free. There are a few such as FMOD that cost a licencing fee if you use them commercially, but things like DirectX, Sapi, are totally free. There is no license for C++, because it is a free standard language shared by all operating systems and developers. No one company owns the rights to C++.

6. What do I write the code in? I mean like for websites I write in MS-notepad
and save as html. When I start writing code, do I use notepad again or do I
download something special so I can save it as C++ extension or something.?

If you use a development tool like Visual C++ it has a built in editor for writing programs and you can save the files as *.c, *.cpp, *.h, etc type files. However, if you want to you can code C++ programs in notepad, but you still have to compile them using a compiler like Visual C++, MinGW, whatever. You'll have to decide if you can work with the Visual C++ editor, or would rather just edit your code in notepad, textpad, or something else.


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