Done. I got to thinking about it and I was thinking "heck, I could do that 
farely easily, why don't I try it."
I haven't tested it very much on anything but myself, so those who try it, feel 
invited to let me know of oppinions. It should work ok for everyone though as I 
don't think it will require any crazy dependencies etc. In fact, it should be 
portable, even though I made an installer for it. Once installed, you could 
copy the folder from program files and dump it on a flash drive or something.
It has two edit fields, the first one, which  is the one given focus when the 
program is ran, is where the number of sides on the dice should be entered. Can 
type something like 100 in here. It will go very high, more than 999million, 
but the speech support can't count any higher than nine hundred ninety-nine 
million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine so have fun. 
Press enter after typing in a number to roll a random number between 1 and the 
number of sides chosen. The result will be spoken and will also appear in the 
other edit field, which can be tabbed to and read with screen reader commands. 
Tabbing again will put focus back on the input, with what ever may be typed in 
there highlighted, so one can start typing a new number again or just press 
enter to roll another dice with the same amount of sides. Press space to repeat 
the last roll, as in if you rolled a 9, it would say 9 if you pressed space. 
Pressing q will quit the program. Neither alt+f4 nor escape work. Humorously, 
if one presses enter after loading the program, when it has instructions 
printed in the input fielld for what to do, it tells you it is rolling a, then 
the text in that field, then sided die. It comes up with 0. First time I did 
that it cracked me up. Humorously too, if the program crashes for some reason, 
it has your space bar and your enter key all  to itself. Meaning you can't 
press enter or space on any ok buttons for errors. when I was writing it I 
bugged the code a little and I crasshed it when I tried tot test it. I 
discovered I couldn't close the error message. Lol I ended up pressing 
insert+enter and that worked.

The program was written in auto it. The speech output is done by using the PKB 
voiceover script which I wrote.

I may improve the program if I get feedback. Let me hear folk's oppinions about 

Oh and here's a link to the page.
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