I'm still updating the dice roler with more features. The latest gives it the 
ability to roll up to 30 dice in one go, then arrow through a combo box that 
shows each die's result. If the user needs to reroll one of the results, they 
can arrow to it and press ctrl+r.

I've impliminted a novice mode which is enabled by default. when enabled it 
says things in plain english, when disabled it says things like rolling 7d7 
instead of rolling 7 7sided dice. When one unchecks novice mode the text and 
speech output both get more to the point, simpler for hardcore D&D players to 
keep track of, I hope.

When rolling multiple dice, like 7d7, we can choose to have the voiceover read 
each result as it is rolled.

I've impliminted the ability to turn the voiceover off, good for those who 
would just use a screen reader or who are sighted. Speaking of the voiceover 
script, someone contacted me asking me what I thought of the mac. *Lol* I've 
never even put my hands on a mac. In this case, voiceover is part of the dice 
program that can be included in other auto it programs too that enables it to 
provide self voicing, be that through prerecorded files (first attempt), or 
through sapi (last resort).

what I'm trying to do here is make the optimal dice program for those who play 
D&D. One of the pending changes I have in mind is to provide shortcut keys to 
do common dierolls,, like 1d6, with just one keypress.

It's not yet available on the site but I just changed from using a loop to find 
out what the user was doing to the dialogue to letting the controlls in the 
dialogue fire off events when activated. I think that made the dice program 
quite a bit more responsive. 

One more thing. I think I will charge 20 dollars for it when I get it done. How 
does that sound?

heh, just joking. It will be free. *lol*.

Well that's probably enough chatter. Here's a link if anyone wants to try this 
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