Also, if you're using .NET, you don't need the MSAPI.dll. The interface to 
SAPI is built in to the .NET framework in the System.Speech namespace.
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Hi Chastity,
I don't know if you are a member of Book Share or not, but they do have
some very good  books on Visual Basic .NET in daisy format for a new
programmer. Two that come to mind are Learning Visual Basic .NET and
Visual Basic .NET in a Nutshell. Both are published by O'Reilly and
As far as using DirectX in a Visual Basic .NET application you need a
third-party development kit such as SlimDX which provides a managed
interface to DirectX. To get the SlimDX SDK go to
and download/install it.
One thing I'd like to mention before I go is there are two different
languages called Visual Basic. There is Visual Basic 6 and earlier which
is very old, no longer being supported by Microsoft, etc that is still
being used by Jim Kitchen and others. There is the newer visual Basic
language Visual Basic .NET which is more object oriented, uses the .NET
Framework, and has many features/upgrades that previously were not
available in Visual Basic 6 and earlier. Plus the Visual Basic 6
compilers are not free, and are hard to find where Visual Basic .NET
Express is free and easy to find.


Chastity MORSE wrote:
> Hi, and yes, I'm still working on the C++ code. However, does anyone know 
> of
> a good and explanatory tutorial for Visual Basic since I had a couple of
> suggestions for converting Apple II games using that code base?
> Someone also mentioned a direct X library and the sappy object library. 
> Does
> anyone know where I can get those from?
> Thanks again:
> Chastity

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