Hi there.

I am resending this message from earlier today, since I don't think it went through because I forgot to trim the message. grin

Here you go.

Hi there.

In fact, it indeed works.  I just did it about three minutes ago, and I will
log on again very soon.

Here is what I did.

I logged onto dragonrealms.net and signed up for an account.

After getting my account, and logging back into the site, including hitting
that go play button.  I was brought into the initial screen for my account
wich has a group of radio buttons , which allow you to start a new character
or choose your character, , and then it presents a group of radio buttons
that gives you the choice for picking the wizard front end and a few other
ones.  I choose the wizard front end radio button, and hit enter on the go
play! button.

Now, since I have active X disabled for this site in IE and firefox, rather
than launching the wizard client, a page comes up and says

Preparing to launch DragonRealms Trial for the Wizard FE. If your game does
not start automatically,
click here.

I right click on the link that says click here, and a choose save link as in
FireFox or save target as if you are using IE.

My character's name is galphner, so the filename is galphner.sal

Once the file is saved, you will want to open the .sal file in notepad.

Here is part of the contents of the one I just saved


You will want to make special note of the gamehost gameport and key entries.
You will want to copy your key to the clipboard.  In other words, copy
everything to the right of the equals sign in the line that begins with key=
If memory serves, the key will expire within fifteen minutes of generation,
so you will want to be quick when you save the file and then run vipmud or
your client of choice.

So you would fill out your game host as prime.dr.game.play.net
and your port as 4901

When you connect to the gameHost, it will act like you are connected to a
blank connection.  THis is where you paste your key that you copied to the
clipboard int your mud client and press enter

You then want to type, all in caps, the words
and press enter.

You should be in and playing at that point.

I just logged in, and am now playing dragonrealms with vipmud.


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