Hi Bryan,
Yeah, that is pretty much what I've discovered myself. My first few
games I didn't find any scrolls, and the couple I did find couldn't be
identified in the shop or with an identify scroll. So I had no idea if
they were useful or not.
However, in my current game I'm loaded with useful scrolls. I found a
pack of five identify scrolls on the first floor which I used on
several unidentified scrolls which turned out to be a curse scroll, a
level 4 shrink scroll, a regeneration scroll, and I got a level 1 fire
bolt scroll from the shop. So this time I've certainly found a lot
more then the previous games. It appears to be a completely random hit
or miss thing like you said.
Plus as for the Drake blocking the stairs that was the case in my
first game I found him. I explored the entire level, and the only
place left to go was down, but the Drake was sitting right there on
the steps leading down. So basically in a case like that I was
screwed. Couldn't beat him, couldn't continue, and just passing him up
wasn't an option.
However, in this new game I'm doing much better. Except for the bug
that won't allow me to pick anything up. I've had to leave behind
quite a bit of weapons and armour because the game won't let me take
it. It acts like it isn't there. So I'm pretty frustrated with that
mishap. That's never happened before. Otherwise I'm really holding my
own against enemies. I just easily faught my way through the Goblin
King and his gang of chronies. Now, if I could just get his weapons
and armour I'm more than willing to give the Drake another try.

On 3/1/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Oh no, you can find them in the demo, but it's extremely hit and miss. That
> sort of thing is why I remain firmly convinced that defeating the Drake at
> least, even if not the other bosses, is based far more on luck than on
> skill. There's absolutely no guarantee that you'll find any of the more
> useful scrolls before you get to the Drake, and if you don't have a Mage to
> shrink him, which in any case doesn't always work, you could be screwed
> since there's really no way to protect against the Drake's attacks. It's
> perfectly possible for him to one-shot you with his physical attacks if he
> happens to hit your torso or head, which I've noticed he does more often
> than not. And if you get really unlucky and he's blocking the stairs you're
> basically out of luck.

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