How very strange. If memory serves me correctly, the bug of items not being 
there was present quite a few builds ago, but has since been squashed .

At this time, I don't have a suggestion for Thomas's problem. Try to give 
Dark's suggestion a try. if it doesn't work, write back and we will try to 
assist. As you have seen, many of the people on this list are also members 
of the entombed discussion group.

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From: dark
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 1:29 PM

Oddly though tom, this one hasn't shown up at all for me. i've been right
through the game to the 25th floor with 1.0, pluss some smaller less
successful attempts, and have thus far never seen this error.

Perhaps you could try removing the saved games folder (keep a copy if you
wish), and let the game create one again. this might help in determining
where the error is, sinse if people who've had long lasting saved games
folder which have been there for a number of betas like myself and Bryan
haven't seen this problem, but it comes up for you, it might be an issue
with saving which has been missed in the beta testing. It could also be a
demo bug not present in the full version for some reason, which obviously
would need fixing.

Irritatingly enough this seems to be a new bug, as opposed to the old
established ones which are known about, and not a very common one either,
nevertheless I suppose this is just what happens when more people start
trying the game.

beware the grue!


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