Hi everyone,
At last. The great and powerful Drake is dead. my heroic fighter-mage,
Calista, slew the Drake after a monumental battle between my party and
the great Dragon of the dungion. Here are the high points of the
battle, but first a spoiler warning.


My party consisting of Calista the fighter-mage sentenced to the
dungeon for accidently killing the evil queen and her wolf companion,
Accalia, rescued a halfling thief and a gnome fighter from levels 2
and 5 respectively, and taught them to fight by practicing on the
lesser minions of the upper dungeon.
Finally, my party reached the Drake's chambers on level 7 where the
fight of their lives began. Calista used a level 5 destract scroll
which pretty much kept the Drake from attacking us for several moves.
While the hhalfling, gnome, and Accalia the wolf kept up a steady
stream of hit and run attacks  Calista used a number of shrink spells
to weaken the Drake and keep him small and weak. Finally, Calista used
an empowerment scroll which doubled her attack strength, and she went
into a double flurry attack. She landed a series of attacks ranging
between 42 and 47 hit points of damage, and when she was done the
Drake fell victum to her mighty blades.  Three cheers for the heroes
who faught boldly this day.
"Ding dong the wicked Drake, wicked Drake, wicked Drake.  Ding dong
the wicked Drake is dead."


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