Good grief sean! what is it with you and reformats? ---- or do you just have a liking for death threats against computer ;D.

Personally, I think I've only ever reformatted a machine once, and that only when it was being given to someone else to use. i've occasionally ran into user account shinanigans, ---- but at most these just mean deleting one account and creating another, not reformatting at all.

Generally i've found a good antivirus and occasional use of utilities like C cleaner have kept my machine running without a hitch, ---- in fact mostly I've only ever changed machines when the hardware actually broke down, as happened with my old desktop in august of 2008, ---- though it had been used pretty extensively every day for was 4 years, so I didn't mind too much (all my important stuff is backed up on an external harddrive anyway, --- -sinse if I lost my thesis I'd be in pretty serious trouble, ---- not to mention having lots of games, books and music I want to keep as well).

Beware the Grue!

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yeah sometimes I have conflicts with my computer.
then you show it your fist, its called reformat.
if you have a good computer it doesn't get that far you just have to think of doing that and it behaves.
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