I believe the branche is a staff, but it's not actually that good a weapon, it's got a pretty high miss wrate, it's very slow, and it's damage isn't the best, --- -indeed there is one school of thought which recommends not using the branche at all and just going bare fists until you find a weapon! your probably best off trading it in for another weapon as soon as you find a semi decent short sword or club, ---- or even something two handed depending upon your class.

Of course, if your playing a caster it doesn't matter, sinse you shouldn't really be using melee attacks much anyway.

As to spells, other than by using scrolls, you don't get better spells. The only way to earn more spells is to have a secondary job that has them, ---- eg, if you start as a mage, then choose the necro as your second class, you'll have both firebalt and iceblast (ditto for all other mage and necro spells).

your spells however will improve in damage and effectiveness as you put more skill points into them, and as your characters' inteligence increases.

Entombed isn't a game where one character learns masses of different spells and abilities, ---- rather it's a game where you have a few characters with different spells and abilities which you then improve and focus on as time passes.


Beware the grue!

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Just wondering? When you get the long rose wood branch for your weapon, what weapon is that, want to get its skill up? Second, later in the game do you get better spells?

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