Guys, onnestly I don't mean to be rude but this is only a piece of addvice. Why 
are people complaining about this BGT thing? Bla Bla Bla, cas I want to 
unsubscribe about this  list all of bgt. Guys, this could really offend Philip. 
So what if you get 40 50 emails about it? Either just remove all of your 
inbox's message's, and that's what I usually do. I know it could be very 
anoying to read 40 50 emails, but its the way to life. Then, don't go oneday 
Ahh, what is this? What is that? Also, you could learn the answers in the 
tutorial. Some I  don't read not because of people, but because I don't want to 
read them. Unsubscribing only for a subject is quite rude. Plus as ann said, 
you could put it to dijest mode, which I think might be 15 emails though not 
sure. Just unsubscribing and complaining for only 1 little thing is not the 
wurth. Why does Bryan and Dark also others Including me ask questions. Its for 
help and about the bgt.  I like the way that Thomas moderate's the list, and I 
like these discussions. Suggestions are also welcome. I mean come on guys, its 
not the wurth complaining when a excellent tool comes out to the blind 
community. Emagen you make a tool like Philip made, and you got bombarded by 
complaints. Would you like that? So, please know this as an advice.  
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