I've never had a message rejected for size before.  Here is part 1 of some
TOC thoughts.


First and foremost, this is a worthy successor to Lone Wolf, David
Greenwood's fantastic submarine warfare simulation.  It is a game of
engrossing complexity with a learning curve that will turn off some but
rewards the persistent with a rich and varied experience.


I have some thoughts about further development as follows:


Attack coordination:  I may not be getting something, but it looks
impossible to coordinate an attack by multiple units on a single target.  If
I have five infantry and an armored unit outside a fortified city, it seems
like I have to attack one by one rather than being able to throw all six
units into one attack.  I haven't yet encountered this scenario, so I may be
wrong about this.


Ground units: I agree with the earlier suggestion of an artillery unit, able
to bombard like a battleship, so more powerfully than an armored unit.  For
balance, I'd say that if attacked without some sort of supporting infantry
it would be easy prey.  I understand using armor in this role, but the
advantage of armor should be its mobility, not its firepower.  For sheer
firepower there should be artillery.


Cruisers: There should be a class of ship between destroyer and battleship,
with say six hit points and the ability to bombard like an armored unit.
This would make the construction of certain historical scenarios more
doable, such as the cruiser duels in the Solomons during World War II.
Again, it fills a gap.


Bombers:  As suggested by someone else, it would be good to have an aircraft
with better ground striking power and longer range at the price of slower
speed and more vulnerability to fighters.  I understand that the air
component is an abstraction meant to cover scouting, fighting and ground
attack, and as such I feel it tries to do too much.  Create a bomber unit
with range 35 and speed 5 that is vulnerable to fighter attack.  Give it
increased striking power.


Christopher Bartlett


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