Horizon:  Air units should have a detection radius of two cells.  During
World War II, the Germans were able to use long-range air patrols to cover
vast swathes of ocean surface, taking advantage of the much bigger horizon
afforded an aerial observe to make their searches more effective.


Radar: It would be cool to be able to build radar installations to give
advanced warning of air and sea approaches.  I note there is a Battle of
Britain scenario.  Radar was an integral and important part of the British
defensive web, allowing them to vector their fighters effectively, rather
than relying on the luck of patrolling.  Modern air war is of course
dependent upon radar.


A city could build a radar post as a special production type, or as in my
next suggestion, one might be able to build a station on an arbitrary land
cell.  It could afford a detection radius of three or four cells.


Bases/airfields:  If this suggestion is adopted, it would be possible to
build an airfield on any land cell or a naval base on a coastal cell.  These
would provide the benefits of cities, repair and refueling, but no
production.  This would permit a Solomons campaign, where there are precious
few cities but lots of bases.  This could go hand in hand with:


Outside reinforcement:  For certain kinds of scenarios, it would be
beneficial to have reinforcements show up at scheduled times, regardless of
intrinsic production.  This is an old stand-by in war gaming, allowing one
to play tactically in a strategic environment with reinforcements determined
on a schedule, or even randomly.  One would designate spots on the map where
the strategic reinforcements would appear, either at scheduled intervals, or
perhaps randomly, or perhaps some hybrid of these possibilities.


By the way, in case it's not obvious, I'm itching to design a Solomons
campaign scenario for TOC.


Anyway, it's clear this game is going to eat my brain for quite a while, and
I'll be purchasing it when it's available.


                Chris Bartlett



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