Sorry, to post this here, but wasn't sure where else to post this and the 
groups for the blind I signed up for haven't gotten back to me.
I need suggestions for easy-to-use web host, lots of storage space, no adds, 
unlimited band with, and don't mind paying to get these, also need easy upload 
and if I can purchase a domain name at same place, that would be great too.
I've checked out some hosting services and most for an add free site with major 
storage space are running in between $5 and $10 U.S. per month, plus the $ 9 or 
so domain name fee.
This will also be helpful once I get my game site up and hopefully going, but 
currently I have a site with approx. 100 pages of content on all subjects, so 
need the space, and pages do include JPEG pictures.
If anyone wants to privately email me with suggestions, see address below and 
thanks to all.
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