Hi Yohandy,
Oh, yes. As I said earlier it is all based on probabilities. If you
are at a certain angle and distance there are only so many moves you
might be able to do and it picks the most likely attack from the list
of moves.
Plus as Dark was saying the really Pro game developers have created
memories for the AI bots so that the same move doesn't work twice in a
row. If you try the same move twice and a row it would remember that
attack and counter it.

On 4/6/10, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> wow definitely educational! AI holding your moves in memory to predict you?
> wow dude, totally evil! that could explain why sometimes the same move
> didn't work twice on AI opponents. I actually never considered the bit about
> AI determining specific distances for certain moves. that would definitely
> explain why I kept getting away with abusing certain moves to my advantage
> while standing a bit back, and cpu kept focus attacking like an idiot haha.
> I always found that in high difficulty levels computers are extremely
> aggressive and the only way to beat them is by outsmarting them which isn't
> easy, or an easier method, spamming moves that prove weak against it. It's
> kinda funny that if you block on SFIV, sometimes the CPU gets all confused
> and just walks around trying to figure you out lol. seth from SFIV is
> definitely a character people love complaining about, but even on hardest,
> he's weak against sweeps and various moves. I read somewhere that for super
> street fighter IV they were gonna make him even harder, so I'm definitely
> not gonna have fun with that lol.

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