Okay, I see a lot of people asking about using winfrotz and the windows agt 
translation programs for games from the interactive archive. 
I use winfrotz as it has its own sappy speech and you don't need to use a 
screen reader. You can download it with a gamepack of near 300 games from the
<a href="http://www.whitestick.co.uk</a>
Tom's whitestick site
or at another link I have to look up.
If you want more games than what's in the game pack, you can go to the 
if-archive and get more games through a specific search criteria that includes 
the game code, years you want to search, and so on. You can also go to the list 
of if-archive/games and under that you'll find the various game codes like 
Inform, Hugo, Glulx and others and choose what format you want and it will 
bring up a list of games in that format and just download the ones you want. 
Create a folder for the games and each of those written in Inform or Z-code 
will open in winfrotz.

If you want to play the glulx games, you'll need the Philpher game engine. 
This, however, does not have speech so you'll need to use your screen reader. 
If using jaws, set it to speak all mode. This also works if you are running a 
version of winfrotz that doesn't have its own speech, the original version I 
started with.
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