Hi all.
this is a cross posted message.
if  you are on a list other than ones I have posteed to pass it on.
this message is to all devs and those I test with including pkb group.
due to a few gripes, 2 dotnet issues which I got into and which are disrupting 
things, and the fact that I have had other issues for the last 5 years of 
running this system I will be shutting down the system for a week of system 
Obviously I won't be online for that week though I will try to get up to speed 
as quick as I can.

For all the nosy parkers that will ask me what I have done and where I have 
gone to.
I have had the system for 6 years aprox now and mostly have not had any real 
however sapi issues though fixed, dotnet ones due to me fiddling with setup 
programs that seem to be bungish and a couple of stupid attempts on that end 
errors with old and new recording software, and general cleaning, I have 
decided to go through the rather long and visual process of reformatting, 
selectively installing   and doing a reconfig of my system.
for those that are on or are reading my casts on technology.jaredrimer.net I 
will be making several podcasts as I recover with tips and such.
These casts will be uploaded as soon as I am online.
as long as I have no real issue that is, I should be ready to rock   within a 
few days.
ofcause things can happen but if you are really nosy I will post something 
within a week.
Its probably gona take less time but I'll have a backlog of stuff which I must 
clear to get sorted.
if all things go well I will be up within 3-4 days but I won't be online till 
that week has passed.
I have backed up all critical files today including my dropbox archive.
for those that want to contact me unless urgent contact me next week.
if you must contact via mail I will get at your stuff as soon as I can.
if you know how then directly you can access me with the propper info but that 
probably does not apply with anyone on the lists.

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