Hi Bryan,
Actually, that is something I was meaning to ask the list about. The
feature to warn the player a trap is near is still in the game engine,
but temperarily disabled.  I've even got most of the warnings ready to
go, but was wondering how you, the game player's would like me to add
this feature into the game.
First, we could set it up that those warnings are available on the
beginner level. That works, but there may be times you want it on a
higher difficulty to.
Second, we could have an on/off setting in the program settings to
enable/disable those warnings which makes the most sense to me.
Third, we could do something like a training mode option that pops up
when you start the game like do you want training messages to warn you
of traps, monsters, etc. That is also doable, but option two seams
better to me.
I guess what do you think. I'm willing to do it however you guys think
it would work best in the engine. I state the engine here as once I
add it will be available for just about any game I build unless I
disable it of course.


On 5/10/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Or maybe the character warning you when you get within jumping distance,
> though perhaps only on the easy setting. I know Thomas had that set up that
> way in one of the prior Betas where it would warn you on easy but not on
> higher difficulties. Or maybe you could have the option to turn those on or
> off in the settings menu. Guess it depends on what Thomas is willing to do.
> And anyway he's going to focus on getting the really major parts ironed out
> first before he adds anymore user suggestions.
> He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the holy grail in the castle
> of aaaaggh.

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