Hi Lori,
Well, if we are really honest about it though companies like Microsoft
and Nuance are out to rip everyone off.  The more and more I look
around my country, the United States, I've found myself living in a
corperation owned state were it is a dog eat dog world. Every major
corperation and bank has the attitude it is their God given right to
rip everyone off and not pay for it. When the government handed over a
750 billion dollar  bale out plan to Wall Street big wigs like City
Group, Goldman and Sax, Bank of America, and A.I.G. they pretty much
said in effect who our government cares about, and it certainly was
not the working middle class and the average American tax payer.  Now,
do we really expect our current president to help stop the curuption
when Obama's number one financial  backer was Goldman and Sax, and
some of the very same crooks that got us into this mess do to their
subprime lending crap?
Sigh...I didn't mean to bring politics into this discussion, but I did
want to make the point that  companies here in the United States are
pretty cutthroat.  They'll cut anyone's throat if it will make them an
extra buck or two.  You and I are peons in the eyes of these
corperations. What do they care when their C.E.O. is making a million
bucks a day in some cases. The greed of these crooks makes you want to
scream doesn't it?

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>>I know, we pay them and they still rob us blind!  Trying to get help or
>>answers out of Microsoft or any of these developers is like getting blood
>>out of a stone!  For you gamers, here's a thought for if you're developing
>>audio games.  A game called Turn the Tables, where one day after a plague
>>has devistated the land the sighted community awakes to find itself totally
>>without sight, so it's then up to the blind to rule the world.  <Smile>

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