Back when I started looking into audio games in early 2006, it seemed there 
were 4 principle developers of big time serious games, and a number of people 
who either developed free, random symple stuff or promised and not delivered.

Gma (my starting point sinse I began with Shades of doom), along with pcs who I 
believed at first were basically an extention of Gma (sorry Phil, this was in 
the days before sarah). 

Vip gameszone (who I bought my second game, galaxy ranger from), bsc, and 

I freely admit I was wrong in seeing everyone else as pretty secondary to these 
four, sinse this was before Jim released some of his more extensive games like 
Win Golf or puppy1, and before I'd played anything Tom had released. 

Nevertheless, it does seem rather weerd now, because even though generally the 
hole state of audio games have improved, ---- Entombed, time of conflict, sound 
rts, rail racer, sarah etc, etc, it seems mostly by new people like Che and 
jason alan. 

out of what I used to believe were the big four, only one, --- Gma, have 
consistantly developed stuff over the past five years. Though Draconis sold 
Sarah, they weren't actually responsable for building the game, and don't seem 
to have made major updates sinse 2007, the same can be said of Vip gameszone, 
who went quiet after the release of their sports package, ---- quite a shame, 
as their Lords of the galaxy game rather impressed me, and with a litle 
rebalancing and illimination of loop holes could be fantastic. 

Then Bsc haven't made any releases in this time, ---- though at least in their 
case I do know this is because Justin has a full time job and children, ---- 
which is fair enough of course. 

It does seem a bit odd though that so many of who I believed originally to be 
the major players have gone somewhat silent. ---- Does anyone know what's going 
on with the others, or whether there is any further news from justin? 

manifestly they're stil around having done vista updates and such, but it does 
seem somewhat strange that so many of who I believed were the big players are 
now rather silent, and I'd hate to think more developers have done a bavisoft.

Beware the Grue! 

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