Good morning folks!

Smooth Contest:
Congratulations to Charles for becoming our latest Mister Smooth!  Both 
gentlemen did a wonderful job! 

The Smooth Contest will be taking a break for the summer.  The last contest 
will be held on June 15th, where Lisa Filroy will host.  The two ladies 
competing, will be Suzy B. and Jeannie Wilson.  Let's all show our support for 
this final contest! 

Here are the events scheduled for Thursday, June 3rd:

Word Burst

6:30 PM eastern

Hosted by Kathy Mertz

Location:  Games Anyone

Do you love to play Outburst? Do you love words? Let's put the two together and 
play Word Burst! Word Burst is the same as Outburst, except that you don't call 
out items in categories, such as Elvis hits or makes of cars. Instead, the 
members of each team call out anagrams of the word I will give you. So come in 
and find the words within a word. Hope to see you there. 

Out of Sight Movie

8:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Jim Wilson

Location:  Entertainment Center

Join Jim this evening as he streams the movie, "Uncle Buck", starring John 
Candy.  Don't forget to bring your popcorn!

Lum and Abner
10:00 PM eastern
Hosted by John Harris
Location:  Entertainment Center
Join John as he replays some of the nation's great old time radio.  Trivia 
questions will follow the radio show.

In God we trust.
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