Hi Dark,
Yeah, I didn't get to play DK 64 much either. I only remember really
playing it once, and then it was more or less a trial run at that.
However, as you say it was sort of a best of Donkey Kong all in one
As for the Amizons I take your point, but still I felt that calling
them Amazons just didn't fit with the Golden Ax story too much even
though they probibly meant Amazon in the generic sense. As you pointed
out Tyris seams more like a Valkyrie seeing as she had a sword as well
as fire magic.
In my encarnation of the game currently my female warrior character,
Adreana, uses a staff and I'm still working on her special magic
attack.I'd hate to use fire as that is too close to the original. I am
thinking of some kind of elemental magic like wind or perhaps ice
I'm working on a munk type character, Gabriel,  who caries ashort
sword and has the fire magic as his special attack. Still working on
him as well.

On 6/4/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well tom, Dk 64 was unfortunately 3D again and thus unplayable for me,
> however I also know it starts the dk country crew, batling against the
> Kremlings, ---- in fact it's almost a best of game sinse you get to play as
> almost everyone from the previous ones.
> As regards golden axe, well the amazons in the game weren't particularly
> greek at all, just women with armour and axes that clobbered you (you can
> find a description in the faq i mentioned).
> I think they just called them Amazon as to mean female warrior and give a
> bit of back story to Tyris flair, rather than having any set myth in mind.
> In fact Tyris is probably more like a valkyri, sinse she uses a longsword.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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