Good morning there!
Yahtzee results!
Hi all,
The winners of the June Yahtzee tournanemt are...
Jeannette 268
Donna 253
Linda 246
Thank you all for coming and I will see you next month
>From the Pulpit is cancelled for this week.  Join Lee next week for these fine 
>church services.
Here are the events scheduled for Wednesday, June 9th:


God's Praise and Worship:  Reading of the Word

5:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Diane

Location:  How Great Thou Art

Hi all! Come and join Diane for this week's Reading of the Word, from 5:00 PM 
until 7:00 PM eastern.  The reading will be starting from where   we left off 
last week, which is Judges, Chapter 16.  Look forward to seeing you there!  Be 



Chain Reaction

8:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Shelley Z.

Location:  Games Anyone

If you liked Chain Reaction the television game show, you'll love our online 
version.   Join Shelley Z as she provides you with clues to complete a chain
of words and accumulate points for your team.  If you want more information, go 



Have a nice day!

The Out of Sight main site is at:

In God we trust.
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