Resent in case it was lost after a week.

Hi all,

Matt and I (AGRIP) were contacted by the Youth Development Officer at LOOK, 
with regard to this year's QAC Sight Village, and offered the chance to help 
with a gaming workshop for the Kid Zone that they plan to run, to involve 
youthful people in technology.  Unfortunately, as some of you probably know, 
Matt and I are basically under enormous pressures from without, and we regret 
that we can't make it under this amount of short notice, much as we would love 

So, this is an opportunity for people in the UK to go to QAC Sight Village, as 
a volunteer exhibitioner, and provide technical assistance in the playing, 
modifying and collaborative enjoyment of audio games.  The important part here 
is to get as much inspiration and creativity as possible into the players, with 
whatever games are on hand.

Here are relevant excerpts from Vicky's email to us, which explains:

QAC have given us the go ahead to create a KidZone - all exhibitors in this 
location chosen by LOOK - exhibit for free.

We wanted a way for children and young people to really engage with the 
technology around the plus adding relevance to them.

For the first time QAC and LOOK are working together to mail out to all 
schools and colleges and all our youth membership across the country with a 
specific flyer for the Kid.

I really would like to promo a games workshop
and would really like your help.

The plan for the KidZone would be for approx 10 LOOK volunteers with a 
visual impairment (some very techy indeed) will be supporting children and 
young people to engage with the gadgets and technology within this area.

and so I would really like to find a way in which we could showcase your 
work and gaming to the children and young people even though you may not be 
able to be present.

If you feel you have the motivation and the insight, Vicky smith is reachable 
by email at V SMITH <> and she will be able to give 
more details.

Please contact anybody else who you think may be interested; in particular, I'd 
be glad if someone would notify and other lists.


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